The YSL Forever Youth Liberator Cleansing Foam cleanser is truly a treat! It has a subtle flowery fresh fragrance and is suitable for all skins, including sensitive skins.

I love the tube packaging, which means that you can pretty much get all the product out at the end of the day, unlike with pump dispensers, where there is inevitably some waste when you fail to get  the last bit out of the container. The tube is also easier to travel with than a pump dispenser bottle.

You’ll find that it comes out of the tube in a creamy (more solid than liquid) consistency, which lathers into a fine foam that removes all make-up and dirt, and leaves your skin looking clearer and glowing. Plus a little sure does go a long way!

As the name suggests, this range is aimed at ladies whose main concern is preventing and reversing the effects of aging. All the products in the range contains a patented combination of 3 glycan stimulators, to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.

Glycans occur naturally in our bodies and are responsible for sending/receiving messages between cells. As we get older, the functioning and number of glycans in our body start to decrease. By introducing these glycan stimulators to the skin through the YSL Youth Liberator range, the functioning of sluggish glycans are boosted again. Giving them a renewed ability to tell our skin’s fibroblasts – the cells responsible for producing collagen – to function productively. It also has the added benefit of improving the efficacy of any other active ingredients that we introduce to our skins (in other products that we may use), by opening up the ‘pathway of communication’ between cells.

I am a firm believer in a daily gentle facial exfoliation, so I still find myself using my regular gentle scrub in the mornings when I shower, and then I use this cleanser in the evenings to remove all makeup & dirt in my pre-bedtime routine (followed by the serum and a night cream).

After a couple of weeks of using this cleanser (and the serum – soon to also be reviewed by me) I do find that my skin feels ‘plumper’ and more radiant, and thus more youthful.

YSL Forever Youth Range

The Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator range can be found at selected Stuttafords, Edgars & Red Square stores.

Final Thoughts: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who does have a little bit more in their beauty budget and who are serious about preventing and reversing the effects of aging.

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