Individual Eyelash Clusters Application

Individual cluster lashes, are multiple eyelashes attached to one eyelash to form a cluster in a flared shape.

They are ideal for creating a custom look, by building them up along the lash line, applying as few or as many as you want. Application styles range from light to full and from short to long.

I love using these individual cluster lashes for creating your own individual look, according to your ‘lash needs’ and the occasion.

Usually I apply a couple of the longer individual flares at the outer edges for a subtle flick, with medium or shorter ones towards the middle of your eye.


I can apply a fully spread of flares across the entire lash line for a full on fluttery finish.

These lashes look and feel very natural to wear,  while just giving that extra professional edge to your eye make-up on photographs. And while they last beautifully all day/night, they are less permanent than eyelash extensions, so they can be removed together with your MakeUp after your special occasion.

Individual cluster eyelashes suit all occasions, from weddings and photo shoots, to a big night out!

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