About Airbrush MakeUp

Traditionally makeup (foundation) is applied by ‘rubbing’ it onto your skin, using either your fingers, a sponge or a foundation brush. While Airbrush MakeUp is applied via airbrushing, which sprays a fine mist of the makeup onto your skin and results in a very even application.

This ensures a flawless coverage, that can either be done very lightly, or built up for more coverage, while minimising skin imperfections, and giving the skin a beautiful and natural looking end result.

Airbrush makeup has already been in use for over 30 years and is becoming increasingly more popular due to the rise in HD cameras that shows every single detail.

Airbrush makeup is also very popular among Celebrities on the red carpet. It can be used for Beauty MakeUp, Tattoo Cover, Covering Skin Imperfections, Bruising, Special Effects and Fantasy, Hair Colour, Bridal Makeup, Film, Television, Print and even for your own Personal Use at home!

Why I choose to use Airbrush Makeup Foundation:

It is Quick and Easy to apply.

Hygienic. No more brushes, sponges and MakeUp palettes that holds tons of bacteria. Only air and makeup touches the skin! This is especially helpful during this time of COVID-19 / the Corona Virus outbreak.

Long-lasting. Airbrush makeup lasts the whole day without smearing, running, fading or caking.

Perfect flawless cover. The finish with airbrush makeup looks a bit more flawless, smoother, airbrushed and done (but still natural), with less product on your face. While traditional foundation becomes more visible, the more you apply. Airbrush makeup is favored above normal makeup to cover skin imperfections such as Acne, Scars, Rosacea etc as it covers very evenly without looking cake-y.

Hello To High-Definition Close Ups. Airbrush makeup works brilliantly for HD (High definition) and Digital technology (like digital cameras), because it compliments the skin tone instead of creating unwanted texture by sitting on top of it. Some skin discolourations and imperfections, scars, and puffiness are visually blended out more successfully under airbrush makeup. This is because these tiny “pixels” of base on the skin reflects light and creates a smoother and natural looking appearance.

Hypo-allergenic, Paraben free and Noncomedogenic. So no need to worry about reactions or about blocking pores.

The Airbrush foundation that I use is from KRYOLAN.

Their color-true products were made to stand up on stage and on camera, even under harsh HD lighting and filming conditions. So it is tear/sweat resistant and very long-wearing, yet super comfortable to wear. The formula is highly pigmented and color-intense, so a little goes a long way. And because you use less product, it looks and feels more natural, while still giving the necessary coverage.

It is applied with and airbrush compressor, which sprays the foundation onto the skin in a fine mist, giving an even and flawless finish.

KRYOLAN also refuses to test their products on animals, so they are an animal cruelty-free product range.