Today I’ll be talking about my experience with the POND’S age miracle™ Cell ReGEN™ Toner (PS. the one I received was in the packaging shown in the pic below, but the new packaging is as in the image of the full range lower down).

The PONDS Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Toner is uniquely designed to help fight the signs of ageing by gently refining and removing dead skin cells and minimising pores.

This also promotes instantly flawless and tighter skin.

Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Toner

Back in the day – when I studied Health & Skin Care – it was drilled into us that you always use a toner after cleansing, and before moisturising.

But as the years went by, and cosmetic products developed and advanced, a toner was almost seen as “old fashioned” by some people.

Because of everyone’s increasingly busy lifestyles, everything had to become faster and more condensed. (eg BB and CC creams, condensing different products so that there are fewer steps in your routine. PS – I luuurve my BB cream, so I’m not shooting this down) And in the process, using a toner kinda flew out the door a little bit.

But when I started using this toner, I was quite pleasantly reminded on why this step is actually great to include if you can. Eg. I was shocked to be reminded how much dirt was still left on my skin after using BOTH make-up remover and my cleanser… and the toner just helps to remove that last bit of grit.

I could also feel the difference in the texture of my skin when it came to applying my foundation (SO much smoother), and while the use of all the other products in this range also contributes to this, the toner plays quite a large part in this.

I found that I used just a couple of drops on a piece of cotton wool, so this bottle will probably last me forever!… lol

It also has a very fresh and clean smell.

I love that the toner is Alcohol-free. It really leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed, while still retaining its natural moisture level.

Use your toner in the morning and evening after cleansing with your PONDS Age Miracle Facial Foam.

The POND’S age miracle™ range can be found at department stores and pharmacies like Clicks or Dis-Chem and the Toner comes in a 150ml bottle.

Final Thoughts: I am very happy that this toner reminded me of the benefits of using an alcohol free toner after cleansing. And I am sure I will probably continue to use this toner in my daily cleansing routine, even when I use another range’s cleanser or moisturiser.

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