I actually did this review quite some time ago.. but have not shared it with you guys yet… scandalous!! ha ha

I luuurve mascara!!! It would be the ONE make-up item that I could simply NOT go without!

So when I get the opportunity to try a new mascara on the market – I am always in 7th heaven 😉 And this mascara was a real eye opener.. if you pardon my pun 😉

The container is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on another mascara:

Closed Mega Effects Mascara

I could simply not imagine (or contain my curiosity) about what the shape would reveal about the type of applicator brush inside…

And WOW, was I confused when I took off the cap…

Open Mega Effects Mascara

I think my brain could not quite process the object that I was seeing – into a mascara… LOL

So I literally reached for the packaging to look for an instruction manual – which I conveniently found in the box (packaging) – and then everything magically snapped into place. The wonder of this revolutionary mascara was revealed!

Mega Effects Mascara Brush

The handle of the applicator brush is cleverly segmented, so you can bend it up to a 90 degree angle, allowing you to apply your mascara at any angle possible.

And the brush head has rubber bristles, that perfectly combs through your lashes, coating them perfectly from root to tip.

What I also loved about this mascara’s packaging, is that the brush ‘clicks’ back into the container, sealing it airtight, which will keep it ‘fresher’ for longer!

I think I may have been a little over enthusiastic when I applied the mascara for the 1st time, as I ended up with quite a bit of product smudged around my eye.. but my second application came out perfectly, with every lash covered and no clumps.

Mega Effects Mascara lashes

The blackest black colour that I received really is nice and super black and it lasted without smudging for a whole night of dancing at my salsa school.

I would however LOVE to see a waterproof version, for those special occasions when you need just a tad more security and staying power 😉

Mega Effects Mascara eyes


The Avon Mega effects Mascara is available from Avon Representatives

Final Thoughts: Over-all a thumbs up for this mascara! I would give it a spot in my top ten mascara list.

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