I know – I know… It’s been a while since my last nail art creation… But I’ve been trying to diversify my posts a bit with more Product Reviews inbetween, as well as the Nail Art 101 series of articles that I started 😉


For my Nail Art creation this week, I did a beautiful Striping Tape Mani, combining red, pink & orange for a bright and summery look:

Step 1

I started off with my usual clear base coat, and then painted all of my nails using Givenchy Le Vernis – Croisiere Mat Orange.

Step 2

Next, I added thick strokes of pink, using Tip Top Nailchic – Sherbet Angel, which left triangular shapes of the orange showing underneath.

Step 3

Lastly, I added my striping tape in the pattern that I had chosen, and painted over the tape using Zoya professional lacquer – Diana. And then quickly removed the tape directly after painting, before the polish dried, to reveal this beautiful pattern:

I was a little nervous that adding a top coat over this design might smudge it.. So I waited a full day for my polish to dry before I added my top coat, working very quickly and carefully.

Hope you guys like it!? I thought it was quite cute 😉 Pop in again next week for some more interesting reviews, articles or nail art 😀 Have a great weekend everyone!!

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