What does “I am a MakeUp Artist” really mean?

I quite often join my husband on these networking event evenings, where most of the other people are owners of large businesses and usually more corporate. One of the first questions you ask someone at these events are of course: “So what do you do?” And when I answer with: “I am a MakeUp Artist”, I often find that my answer is met with a bit of an uncomfortable smile and somewhat condescending: “Oh, that’s nice”

I may just be imagining this, but in the way that they then swiftly move on to the next person or topic, it almost feels like they don’t view my profession as a real job or business. Like it is just some play play thing I do for fun, and doesn’t compare in the slightest to their businesses.

And while yes sure, my turnover is waaaayyyy less than theirs, and I thoroughly have fun while working. I can very much say that I am certain I work just as many hours as (if not more than) they do. And I put just as much thought, effort, blood, sweat & tears into my business as they do to make and keep it successful!!

So while I don’t think any of those individuals, or other’s similar to them will ever stumble upon or read this post (and the posts to follow). They inspired me to write this series of posts or articles that describe my life as a MakeUp Artist, and what I actually do (hint: this is more than just physically applying MakeUp on people’s faces).

This is a slideshow of real moments in my life as a MakeUp Artist, and the type of moments that people think of when they hear that I am a MakeUp Artist:


My Own MakeUp

Hubby taking a sneaky photo of me while applying my own MakeUp before an appointment…


Sharing Special Occasions

Getting to be a part of those special occasions where young ladies become women (Sweet Sixteen Bday)


1-on-1 MakeUp Classes

Teaching woman to make the most of their natural beauty during one-on-one MakeUp Classes.


Guiding young women

Touching the lives of young ladies as they embark on adulthood.


Meeting International Customers

Meeting and doing MakeUp for international brides and guests at amazing venues.


Makeup for everyone

Getting to do MakeUp for just about anyone and everyone!


Happy Customers

Happy Customer = Happy MakeUp Artist! I just love seeing my customers’ reaction at first look in the mirror.


Hotel Rooms

Applying MakeUp in hotel rooms while working with International photographers that are visiting South Africa.


Makeshift Work Stations

Being able to set up a station just about anywhere to do Hair and MakeUp.


Hotel Room Humor

Finding the humor in Hotel room makeup station set ups (Make Up Room sign)


Exotic Venues & Locations

Working on rainy days at exotic venues & locations.


Beautiful Guesthouses

Setting up my MakeUp work station in beautiful guesthouses.


Beautiful Views

Enjoying beautiful nature views from my MakeUp work station at weddings.


Manor Houses

Setting up my MakeUp work station in beautiful Manor Houses.


Natural Light

MakeUp chair and set up with natural light in my MakeUp Room.


Artificial Light

Setting up in studio and making the best of artificial light.


Light Lounge Studio

One of my first shoots that I did MakeUp and Hair for at Light Lounge Studio.


Fun Location Shoots

Doing hair and makeup in studio but for fun location (outside) shoots.


Waiting for Customers

Having selfie fun while waiting for my customer to arrive.


Studio Shoots

Getting to do MakeUp & Hair for all kinds of shoots in studio.


Selfie Fun

Some more selfie fun between setting up my MakeUp station and my customer arriving.


Hurry up & wait

Hurry up and wait… the norm while working on film sets.


Late Nights

Late night (midnight) sessions on film sets


Lots of Coffee

Needing loads of coffee to keep going on loooong shoots sometimes.



But as you will see in my next couple of posts, this is only ONE part of what living a MakeUp Artist Life means to me…

I will keep each article short and sweet, making them interesting and easy to read. My first one will cover the most obvious part of my job… and then I will branch out to the many many many other ‘hats that I wear’ in my profession, that are less obvious 😉

So please stay tuned and come check in again to follow this series of posts.

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