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Hair & Airbrush MakeUp by Mariaan Tolken from ProMakeupMe

Kim’s mom contacted me to do her Hair & MakeUp for the Miss Curro (Durbanville) pageant, held at the school. This was quite an interesting one, as I was physically back stage inbetween all the chaos. Ladies getting dressed, getting Hair & MakeUp done, or doing their own.

There were different parts to the pageant, so I had to be there in the middle of the action, to change Kim’s Hair and MakeUp according to the theme. For example, they had to do active/sporty wear, a talent (dance) section, more casual wear, and then they ended off with the formal wear. 

Unfortunately things had to happen so fast, that there wasn’t any time to take pictures of all the looks. And the only pics that I have are these ones taken at the end of the night by her mom on her phone back stage.

And as you can see, she proudly won First Princess!!

Because of all the looks and therefore planning involved, Kim came to me for a practice session before the actual pageant evening. And this is some of the feedback that her mom sent to me following that ‘trial’ session:

“Thank you for your efforts last night. Looking forward to Thursday. I see that you take a lot of pride in what you do. So thrilled you are helping us.”

Then she also wrote me a review after the pageant, which you can read below:

Hi Mariaan

You did a wonderful job THANK YOU SO MUCH. She is first princess!!!! Blown away. 

Linda Mannix

Miss Curro, Durbanville

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