Kayla | Matric Dance MakeUp & Upstyle

Kayla contacted me to do her Hair & MakeUp for her Matric Dance on a day that I was already booked quite busy with other appointments. So I could only help her quite early on that day. She booked me regardless, as she really wanted to have Airbrush MakeUp done. And when we spoke, she said she also didn’t mind being ready early. As a lot of people forget how quickly time flies on days like these… Clever girl!! 😉

Kayla’s MakeUp

I didn’t get to do a trial for Kayla and she also didn’t have any reference pics of the style of MakeUp that she wanted. So I just focused on her eyes, using burgundy shades to compliment her very unique eye colour! I also added a couple of cluster lashes to open up her eyes a bit more. And then used a pinkish glittery highlighter on the inner half of her lid as well as the inside corners of her eye. Lastly I added a rose coloured liquid lipstick, to show off her lips in a subtle way.

Kayla’s Hair Style

For her Hair, Kayla did have a couple of reference pics. All quite similar, but with the ‘loose curly bun’ in different heights behind the head (low, in the middle behind and up on the crown). We then decided to take her upstyle up to the crown of her head, as this was the most flattering for her neckline 😉

Airbrush MakeUp & Hair Styling by Mariaan Tolken from ProMakeupMe

Location: Atlantis, Cape Town – South Africa

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