Halloween Sugar Skull MakeUp

This year for Halloween I was booked by a lovely young lady to do Sugar Skull MakeUp on her for a Halloween Function at work.

I really love all things scary (books, movies, podcasts, you name it). And when I get to combine that with MakeUp and being creative, I am in 7th Heaven! 😉

So I immediately started playing with some ideas for this look, and this is the final sketch that I made:

Tanja gave me free reign on the final design, but I wanted to see her in her outfit before I made my final decision. Which is why I have 2 different colour combinations on the sketch. The red, black and gold was my favourite. But I just wanted to keep my options open with another option as well (hence the one purple & blue eye option on the sketch).

When Tanja arrived, I was overjoyed to see that my favourite red, black & gold would go perfectly with her dress!

This is a closeup of the final result:

I didn’t want to make Tanja’s face completely white. So I decided to mix my Siggi’s clown white creme make-up with the lightest shade of my kryolan professional makeup nebula airbrush foundation. I also added a bit of kryolan ultra underbase to act as a mixed-in primer. And it improved the texture of this whole combination as well. Together these 3 gave her face enough of a washed out ashy look without going all out clown face white 😉

I also didn’t want to use my normal setting powder. As I was scared that it would add too much colour again. So I used good old Johnson’s baby powder all over to set her base.

To start off I first used a pencil eyeliner from Avroy Slain to roughly (but neatly) draw my design onto her face.

Next I applied Catrice Cosmetics prime and fine eyeshadow base on and underneath her eyes. And then used essence my must haves ’20 black is back eyeshadow on and around her eyes to create the ‘eye holes’.

I then used some red shimmery eye shadow pigment on her eyelids, to bring some life (pardon the pun…) to the black eye shadow. PS. I bought this pigment a gazillion years ago from a Ralo store I think.. and I loved it so much that I bought a bunch of them. Now I’m down to my last jar, and Ralo stores have closed down 🙁 Not that I think they would have had this same product anymore anyway this many years later… ;P

This pic shows some of the products that I used to create Tanja’s Halloween Sugar Skull MakeUp Look:

To finish her ‘traditional’ eye makeup off, I lined her top lash line with essence super last eyeliner waterproof. Then applied Palladio immortal kajal lasting cream eyeliner on her bottom lash line. And finally added some Wet n Wild megalenght waterproof mascara. Because Tanja doesn’t normally wear ANY makeup, I didn’t want to burden her with falsies. She would then have to endure them for the full work day (and still be able to do her work…lol). Otherwise I definitely would have added some as well.

Then I could start ‘colouring in’ my design that I drew on her face, using my red face paint first. And then doing the lines in black face paint. When that was dry, I also added some accents with my gold/bronze face paint.

Before I painted the lines on her lips, I applied Bobbi Brown lip color vixen red A30. This matched the red of the face paint quite well, but would obviously be a lot more comfortable on her lips.

Lastly I cleaned off any guide lines that still showed (from when I drew on the design with my eyepencil) with Cherubs eco flushable ECOtton buds. And touched up her ‘foundation’ where needed. Before spraying on some NYX Matte Finish long lasting setting spray, to keep everything looking perfect for the rest of the day!

And here Tanja is in her dress & MakeUp – the final product! 😉

Not the best lighting for taking photos I suppose, but I just wanted to be able to show you guys the full picture 😀

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