As I mentioned last week, our recent salsa party at Que Pasa Latin Lounge was themed Black & White, and together with my Black & White Nail Art, I also did this Black and White Makeup look:


I kept it quite simple, with a black smokey eye effect on my eyelid, going into a winged eyeliner.


And added a winged black liner a little bit below, but along the lower lash line, as well as along the crease of my eye, running down the side of my nose.

With white eye shadow on all the ‘empty’ spaces.


I also added a bit of glammer by using some black glitter on the lid of my eye.

And then used some falsies to help ‘open’ my eyes up.


I didn’t like any of my full profile pics enough to add it here, but as with any makeup look where the eye makeup is heavier, I kept my lips plain, with only a nude coloured lipgloss.

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to go check out the Black & White Puzzle Nail Art that I did for this party as well! 😉

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