SAARKIE Band Shoot MakeUp & Hair Styling

It was so much fun and such a great honor to do MakeUp & Hair Styling for the ladies of the SAARKIE band for this photo shoot!

Before this shoot, I had not known about them or heard their music. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot, as I am not very ‘current’ when it comes to Music or Celebrities of any kind 🙈

Please go check them out on their website here:

The band members’ MakeUp & Hair

This Girl Band has a rock and roll contemporary feel to their music. They perform in English and Afrikaans across the world and these were the 3 band members at the time.

Lila – the tall brunette on drums.
Lourene – the red head on bass guitar.
Adèle – the blond as lead singer & guitarist.

Lila (drums)

For Lila’s MakeUp I did a smokey eye with browns and golds and added a brownish bronze liquid lip.

Then she also wanted to do something bohemian with her hair, and showed me a reference pic with this thin headband. But since we didn’t have anything similar to use, I had to improvise. So I did a thin braid in her hair, which I then pinned across her forehead to give the illusion of a headband. I also did a very whimsical beach wave in the rest of her hair which she wore loose.

Lourene (base guitar)

Wanted something a bit more toned down, so I did a soft coppery smokey eye (similar to her copper hair colour) and a nude lip.

She wanted to keep her hair straight, so I just braided the fringe part of her hair from just above the one ear across to the other side. That way her hair was our of her eyes, but still loose so that she could swing it around in a head bang jam session.

Adèle (lead singer & guitarist)

Then last but not least – Adèle had beautiful blue eyes, which I made pop with a deep chocolate brown smokey eye. I also added a dusty pink nude lip colour.

Her blond hair was cut in a shoulder length bob, which I curled into a loose beach wave. And then teased & sprayed to the one side for some volume & texture.

Airbrush MakeUp & Hair Styling by Mariaan Tolken from ProMakeupMe

Photographer: Nelis Engelbrecht from Light Lounge Studio
Venue: Light Lounge Studio

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