OMW – so I FINALLY managed to do this post for you guys on the Winter White Makeup that I did to go with my Winter White Nail Art, for the Winter White salsa party that I went to…

WOW – that’s a lot of winter right there… LOL

So this is what my eyes looked like:


I started by ‘white washing’ my entire eye area, from the brow bone, down past my eye, onto the top of my cheek bones. And from the sides of my nose, to my temples. For this, I used some white cream makeup, mixed into my foundation, and then set it with white matt eyeshadow.


I then used a silver liquid liner on my top lash line, and drew 3 snowflakes next to each eye.

I also used some clear rhinestones on the inner corner of my eyes, and in the middle of each snowflake.

And some clear glequins randomly inbetween.


Lastly I rounded the look off with some silver glitter on my brows, white eyeliner on my waterline, and the usual mascara.

This was just a quick replication of my party makeup, since I lost my actual photos of that night, so I literally just did one eye here.. lol

But I then kept my lips simple, with a lipgloss that is very close to my own lip colour.

And that’s it for now.. See you guys tomorrow for my weekly Nail Art post!! It’s going to be another cute one! 😉

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