This was actually my first Valentines Day Nail Art look that I did for Feb.. It was for an article that I did for, and now that they’ve had a month of ‘airtime’ for it on their site, I can share it with you guys here as well 😉


Before you start painting, ensure that your nails are clean, filed neatly into your preferred shape (see my article on ‘What is the Best Nail Shape for Me?’) & your cuticles pushed back and neatened.

Step 1. – Start with your preferred clear base coat, and let it dry


Step 2. – Paint one coat of your favourite red (I used Rimmel London 60 seconds in 315 Rock’n Red) covering the whole nail from base to tip and leave to dry completely


Step 3. – Join 2 paper reinforcement ring stickers in the middle and stick onto your nail leaving about a 3rd of the base of your nail open (do not push them down too hard, or you will struggle to remove them without removing some of the polish underneath with it..)


Step 4. – Paint the base part of the nail up to the sticker with your 2nd colour (I made an ice-cream pink by mixing Rimmel London Lycra Professional Finish – 352 Posh Spice – with Orly French Manicure – Je T’aime – and Rimmel London Lycra Nail Tip Whitener) and leave to dry completely


Step 5. – Carefully remove the ring stickers and paint the V-shape on the tips of your nails, to form the bottom point of your red heart, and leave to dry completely


Step 6. – Use your 3rd colour to paint a small curved triangle right at the base of your nail and on the outer edges of the V-shape of your nail tips. (I used essence nail art freestyle & tip painter – 12 metallic champagne)

Step 7. – Carefully paint on a clear top coat to finish off the look. (tip: because there is a possibility that you could smudge your underlying design, apply your top coat ‘with the flow’ of your design, instead of your normal basic strokes from base to tip.)

And that’s IT on the topic of Valentines day.. Until next year’s month of luuurrrvvve… 😉

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