I received this delicious Vaseline® Intensive Care Press Pack from Verve Marketing & Communication last week  – and with winter ( = dry skin ) fast approaching, their timing couldn’t have been more perfect!


The tagline for the new Vaseline Intensive Care range is:
“A superior formulation that goes beyond moisturisation to deeply restore dry skin for 3x longer”

So how does it work? I hear you ask…

The unique formulation for all five variants in this range, is infused with restoring micro-droplets of Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly.

Discovered in 1870, Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is the original skin restorer.

It works by penetrating the skin and reforming deep within the stratum corneum as an effective intercellular barrier to seal in moisture.

By locking in the moisture pulled in by the formula’s humectants, the Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly micro-droplets create an ideal condition, known to help with desquamation and the acceleration of the skin’s own natural barrier recovery mechanism.

The result? Stronger. Smoother. More restored skin!


I received all the lotions in this new Vaseline Intensive Care range, which includes the : Dry Skin Repair, Cocoa Glow, Aloe Soothe as well as the lightly fragranced & fragrance free Advanced Repair.

The lotions and creams in this range are also lightly fragranced (except for the fragrance free version of the Vaseline Intensive Care Advance Repair) – with fragrances developed by the experts behind Calvin Klein – which offers a truly superior sensory experience.

It takes approximately 1-4 weeks of applying the product at least once a day to achieve the full restorative benefit, and continued use is recommended to never let dryness take over again!

Keep an eye out for my reviews on each individual product in the range soon!

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