Today I want to tell you about the Vaseline Intensive Care Coccoa Glow lotion – from the new Vaseline® Intensive CareTM range of body lotions and creams:

This lotion was developed by Vaseline with the purpose of restoring dry skin to reveal its natural glow. Like the other lotions in this range it deeply moisturises dry skin from the first application & also contains the specially designed blend of glycerine (to pull moisture into all layers of skin), and Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly and dimethicone (to lock moisture in).

The ingredient that makes this lotion different from the others, is the cocoa butter, which is an effective emollient known to help hydrate the skin and lock in that moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and glowing.

It comes in the same flip top container as the other lotions in this range, and the container is a caramel chocolate colour.

The lotion itself has no colour, but it is lightly fragranced with (what I would describe as) the mouth watering aroma of chocolate and coconut, with just a hint of vanilla 😉

Again the lotion felt creamy, yet vaseline-y, absorbed super fast, was not greasy, and the lovely fragrance lingers on your skin for a long time. I would say that this lotion is ideal for women who enjoy a fragranced lotion.

The Vaseline® Intensive Care range can be found at pharmacies like Clicks or Dischem or department stores like Pick n Pay or Checkers and the Coccoa Glow Lotion comes in both a 200ml and 400ml option.

Final Thoughts: This lotion is my favourite one out of this range, and will be my “go to” lotion in the upcoming summer months, for that sunkissed glow we all crave in summer!

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