This week I have been feeling a bit dark 🙁 so my black emotions led me to do a mani that uses black as part of the design, and I decided on this latticework creation:


I started of with a clear base coat, and then painted all my nails with vertical lines using 3 matching colours.


And these are the colours that I used:

Cherry Ice from Ice Box colors

Yardley Twist nails 4D colour – Forest Fantasy

Rimmel London Metal Rush – 60 Royal Blue


Next I taped out a crisscross latticed pattern on all of my nails using striping tape, and then painted over the tape with Ralo Cosmetics – no 115 – matte black polish. Carefully removing the tape before the polish dried, to leave the lattice pattern of the colours beneath.


I also decided to go with a matte top coat for this design.

Hopefully my weekend will turn out to be a little “brighter”…

See all you lovelies again next week 😉 And if you haven’t done so already – please follow/subscribe to my blog via wordpress, via email or via bloglovin to receive notifications of new posts in your reader or by email. xx

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