In the second week in September, we had an Austin Powers themed Spring day at the office. Which was the inspiration of the nail creation that I am sharing with you today:


I started with my regular clear base coat, and then did the ‘base colours’ on all my nails:

Thumb – Crazy Lime from Top Shine (yellow)

Index finger – Tip Top NailChic – Sherbet Angel

Middle finger – R[EVOL]UTION – Autumn in NY

Pinky finger – Tip Top NailChic – Purple Rein


I then I used Scotch Tape to paint 4 blocks on my ring finger with :

Crazy Lime from Top Shine (yellow)

R[EVOL]UTION Nail Enamel – Autumn Green

Zoya Professional Lacquer – Diana (red)

R[EVOL]UTION Nail Enamel – Bentley (blue)


Next I did a psychedelic spiral on my middle finger, using Pinky finger – Tip Top NailChic – Purple Rein on top of the Green.


Lastly I added some flowers to my thumb, index & pinky – and carefully tried to write ‘Groovy Baby’ on my middle finger..


A VERY busy and colourful look 😉 but it was a definite hit at our Austin Powers Spring Day!!

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