Avon Chocolate Moisturising Body Scrub

Or while you are getting ready for your romantic Valentines day date – try one of these Facial Masks:

Cupcake from Lush

This fresh face mask is great for oily or congested skins, and contains Rhassoul mud from Morocco – which is excellent for a deep cleanse. Besides cocoa butter and powder, it also contains fresh mint, spearmint and peppermint oils for that refreshing tingly feeling. It smells like choc-mint ice cream and looks like chocolate pudding. Yumness! Between cleansing and moisturising, smother some Cupcake all over your face, around the eyes and mouth, leave for 10 minutes and rinse.

Available at Lush, V&A Waterfront @ R115-00

cupcake from lush
Hey Gorgeous Chocolate Chip Face Mask

This luxurious mask contains 70% cacao which is packed with antioxidants that eradicate free radicals, which are responsible for premature ageing, pigmentation, dry, sallow skin and more. It also contains honey, which draws moisture to the skin and the added essential oils tone, tighten, stimulate collagen to leave your skin soft and gorgeously radiant.

Availability: Please visit http://www.hey-gorgeous.co.za/ for further information on stockists @ R120-00

Hey Gorgeous Chocolate Chip Face Mask
Cacao Body Butter by Soaring Free Superfoods

Use this delicious body butter to give (and receive from) your partner a sensual full body massage. Think Nutella in the form of body paint… Besides cocoa butter, it also contains coconut oil which is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and an antioxidant. But the best part is… it’s edible! Available at Wellness Warehouse, Kloof Street and online @ R71-99

And then of course, there’s the classic chocolate body paint to add a little naughty to your nice 😉
Try Sugar Mommy’s Original Chocolate Body Paint with Brush

Dip brush or fingers into Body Paint and boldly define all contours.The heat will be turned up to the maximum. Allow to simmer. Eat while hot…!

This 125ml tub can be bought online from Gift Lady at R115.00

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