This week I tried my first scented nail enamel.. I came across it a little while ago at a cosmetic sale, and just couldn’t resist.

The colour looks really awesome in the bottle and it really has a lovely fragrance that lasts days after applying! But this also means that you shouldn’t really do a top coat over it, because then you can no longer smell it…

So after enjoying the fragrance for 2 days, I added some art to make the mani last a bit longer, even though that killed the fragrance.


So this is what the scented polish looked like on my nails before I added my art. It is quite sheer, so I did 3 coats. And it looks very yellow in my photos, because of the camera flash I presume.. but it is actually a light lime green. The polish is from Revlon and is called Scented Nail Enamel – Apple-tini Fizz.


For fun, I then did a freehand ‘lacey’ pattern with Tip Top NailChicBlack forrest on all my nails.


In hindsight, I think my nails looked better like this, before I added more, so I should probably have stopped there.. But I decided to try out another new addition to my collection, the Nail Junkie 096 by SinfulColors Professional from lasts week’s look. Which I used to scotch tape paint triangles on the sides of my nails, that connect in the middle.


And then I rounded things off with some black striping tape and Yardley –  GEL LAC Overcoat as my top coat.


So that’s if for me this week folks!! … 😉 Have a fantabulous weekend! And I’ll see you again next week – same time same place! Don’t miss it!! x

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