My nails this week was a Christmas gift from a friend 🙂 And I chose to use these appliqués this week, because I thought that they would go perfectly with the Burlesque ‘lesson’ I will be going to this weekend as part of my little sis’ Bachelorettes 😀


This was my first experience with applying nail appliqués so I was super nervous about using them…
These are from the ‘By Marchesa’ range by Revlon – Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués in Royal Burgundy.


I simply chose each one according to width, so that they match each nail width as close as possible, and then cut them to size where needed, before removing them from their plastic backing, and carefully applying them to each nail.

I then decided to also do a ‘Louboutin Nail Art effect’ by painting the underside of my tips gold, using Rimmel London 60 seconds Metal – 525 Gold’n Rock.


And they turned out looking much better than I expected 🙂 despite the fact that I had a dream last night where they slipped right off my nails, as soon as I put my hand into water… LOL


Now I am actually quite excited to try out some more appliqués from all the other brands 🙂 and I will be doing a proper review on these ones once I have fully tested their durability 😉 so do keep an eye out!

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