So when I started my design for this week, I dubbed it colourful Retro patterns… But then when it was finished it looked more like Tribal patterns, hence the double name. So I leave it up to you to decide which suits it better… 😉


I started off as usual with my clear base coat, and then painted on a (very) slight slanting tip using Givenchy Le Vernis – Croisiere Mat Orange and L.A. Girl color ADDICT nail colour – Urge.


I then added a second colour to each tip at another slant, and started on my retro/tribal patterns on my ring finger as an accent nail, using both polishes above as well as Tip Top Nailchic – Sherbet Angel and Yardley Quick dry – Aqua Marine.


And lastly I added some detail by drawing lines on the borders of the colours, using a black nail art pen, as well as some white dots over some of the black lines, using essence nail art stampy polish – 001 stamp me! white.


Let me know what you think! Retro or Tribal?!

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