Hi Everyone! I’ve been dying to try these glitter dipped nails for such a long time, and now finally got round to it recently!!


I started off with a clear base coat, and then I did one red coat using Zoya nail polish – Diana – on all my nails, except for my ringfinger. On this accent nail, I did a white coat of Rimmel London – Lycra Nail Tip Whitener.


Putting colour under the glitter was not really necessary, as you cant see it at all after applying the glitter, so I probably wouldn’t bother to do so next time.

The next step is the most fun and exciting, but also the messiest.. Make sure that you are working on a smooth surfaced table or tray, that will allow you to easily wipe/brush up excess/spilled glitter.

Working nail by nail, apply a coat of clear nail polish to your nail, and then dip your nail directly into the glitter pot so that the whole nail is covered by the glitter. Then carefully wipe the excess off from around your nail.

I used a red (finer) glitter on 4 of my nails, and a chunkier blue glitter on my ringfinger as an accent nail.


I really liked the way my nails looked before I did the clear top coat over it – like velvet – but it kept “shedding” glitter on anything it came in contact with, so I had to “seal” it with a glossy top coat (2 layers) to keep things neat 😉

Have a blessed Easter weekend everyone! See you guys next week with some more makeup & nail art fun!

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