This week I did a very simple design with 2 shades of purple and overlapping polka dots:


I started off with my clear base coat, and then did a full coat of  Tip Top NailChic – Surfer Girl on all of my nails.


I then used scotch tape to paint one half of each nail with Tip Top NailChic – Purple Rein, and reversed the sides of the colours on my ring finger to create an accent nail.


Next I did big polka dots with my dotting tool going down the one side of the middle line, using Tip Top NailChic – Surfer Girl, and smaller dots going down next to them.


And lastly I did some overlapping big polka dots over the lighter purple using Tip Top NailChic – Purple Rein again. And then carefully applied my clear top coat after all the other layers had dried.


Eventhough this was a very simple design. I got a lot of compliments from people while I was wearing it. And I really liked the geometric shapes myself 😉

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