I received this fabulous POND’S age miracle™ Press Pack from Verve Marketing & Communication this week  – and I can’t wait to jump into these delicious goodies to start reviewing!!


This new range from POND’S boasts a potent system of 6 Bio-Actives that work in combination with each other and with the natural processes of your skin to deliver 3X more skin renewal power.

In our early 30s (which is exactly where I am now…) our skin starts showing the first signs of ageing; skin feels persistently drier, existing marks appear darker and age spots, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

These are all signs that the ageing process has begun beneath the skin. 🙁

Different skin tones age differently. Because of this we often miss the first signs of ageing. Women with a darker skin tone will usually experience a loss of radiance and uneven skin tone first, while dehydration is usually the first sign of ageing for women with a lighter skin tone.


1 Loss of radiance

2 Uneven skin tone

3 Dehydration

4 Rough, dry patches

5 Pigmentation

6 Loss of firmness

7 Wrinkles

In this Press Pack, they provided us with a (very beautiful & useful) compact mirror, and asked us to take a closer look at out skin under a bright light,  to see if we are experiencing any of these 7 signs of ageing… OMW – what a scary experience… lol

But they didn’t leave it there, they also provided a POND’S age miracleTM wrinkle test to check the current state of – and the monitor the improvement of – our wrinkles while using the POND’S age miracleTM range.

The good news is, I received all these wonderful products in the range, which was designed to target all 7 of these signs of aging:


So the challenge is to use POND’S age miracle™ for 7 days and then take the test again to note the improvement on our skin and share our results!

I will be taking this challenge soon, and sharing my results with you guys, as well as doing individual reviews on each of the products in the range. So be sure to keep an eye out!! 😉

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