Today I would like to tell you about the Pink Armor Nail Gel from Verimark:


I have heard a lot of good things about, this nail polish, but I am always very skeptical until I have tried something out for myself… ;P

And WOW, did this product live up to its reputation!!

This polish basically has both a treatment, as well as an aesthetic purpose, because it makes your nails look prettier and healthier, while at the same time helping your nails to actually become prettier and healthier 😉

It consists of a Protein rich Keratin formula that protects the nail, while penetrating deep down to repair and strengthen the nail.

It also has optical brighteners that make the white of your nail tips look brighter and make the nail beds look pinker, to bring out your nails’ natural beauty for a flawless look!

Because of all the nail art that I do – which means using stronger polish removers, and using them very often – as well as the super stressful work environment that I have been in for the last year – AND not getting enough sleep on 6 nights out of 7… my nails have really been in a terrible state 🙁 They have become very soft and thin, with the top layer constantly splitting from my tips, and this presented the perfect opportunity to test out this product.

And after using it as advised – two coats, once a week – for the last month, I can confidently testify to the wonders of the Pink Armor Nail Gel.

My nails have already started to grow out stronger, and because they are so well protected by the polish, there is less breaking and splitting that takes place.

These are my nails now without anything on them (they still have a lot of ridges, but looking much better than a month ago):


And this is after applying 2 coats of the Pink Armor Nail Gel:


As you can see, it gives a really glossy nail gel finish 😀

What I also liked about this polish, is that it dries really quick, so you can apply your 2 coats really quick, and be able to ‘use’ your hands again not too long after.

The Pink Armor Nail Gel is available at Verimark stores nationwide, or at any store that stock Verimark products, like Macro, Game, or even some Dischems and retails for only R99-00.


Final Thoughs: I would most definitely recommend this polish to anyone struggling with weak/dry/splitting nails!! I have already spoiled my mom for mother’s day with one of these little miracles, and plan to recommend it to my nail art customers as a way to rest/feed their nails for eg. one week a month, to keep their natural nails healthy & happy!! 😉

It is also a great alternative for ladies who prefer a natural look (no colour).

Have any of you tried it out yet?! I would love to hear about your experiences?

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