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Just to be clear, I have not yet tried out this product myself, so this is not a review, but this product sounds amazing!! So I wanted to share this  Press Release with you guys 🙂



South Africa welcomes “The Holy Grail for Hair Colour” – OLAPLEX

Pretoria, 17 July 2015 – OLAPLEX, famously known as the “wonder product” is changing lives one salon visit at a time all over the world and it is proud to bring its revolutionary products to South Africans. OLAPLEX is a new salon applied treatment that allows salon clients to go bright & bold and get #Olaplexed to the hair of their dreams with every salon visit.

The South African haircare industry will never be the same again as OLAPLEX begins a completely new chapter in all salon chemical services, particularly colouring and lightening variations. Salon professionals can now transform any hair type into any colour and or lightness imaginable without damaging client’s hair.

In fact, with the help of OLAPLEX No.1 Bond Multiplier and OLAPLEX No.2 Bond Perfector you repair and protect your client’s hair while discovering a whole new world of colour and endless style possibilities. OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector is used at home by your client to maintain their hair’s health in between salon visits.

As chemical processes, particularly colouring or using thermal heated tools, break down disulphide bonds that are essential for hair health, elasticity and strength. OLAPLEX steps in to repair and rebuild these broken disulphide bonds before any damage is done. You can choose to use OLAPLEX as a pre-treatment or alongside colouring or lightening hair or both.

It’s important to remember that OLAPLEX is a single active ingredient free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten, and is not tested on animals. Believe it or not, OLAPLEX has been tested on virtually every hair type – Asian, Caucasian, African ethnic groups, previously chemically processed and virgin – and it works with all known salon chemicals services, irrespective of type or brand.

OLAPLEX was designed by scientists Dr Eric Pressly PHD in Materials and Dr Craig Hawker PHD in Chemistry. In December 2014 OLAPLEX was first launched across the USA and worldwide thereafter. In South Africa, the launch is down to Lars Fischer of Hair, Health & Beauty – the largest and most innovative South African company in the distribution of professional hair and beauty products, accessories, equipment and furniture – to market.

The only thing that OLAPLEX changes is everything! • Go Blonder • Go Bolder Without Damage or Breakage. Make your client’s Colour Last Longer. The salon revolution has started get your clients #Olaplexed today. Find more info on the Salon Professional page on our website and look for #OlaplexZA on social media.


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