The two-tone mani is very similar to the classic French Mani which we started off with a couple of weeks ago..

But instead of having a clear/nude nailbed with a white, black or coloured tip – you would use 2 colours – one colour on your nailbed and one colour on your tips.


Your 2 colours can either be :

1. Different shades from the same colour family: eg. here I used Tip Top Nailchic – Sherbet Angel for the pink & Tip top Nailchic – Surfer Girl for the purple tip.


2. Or 2 contrasting colours for a bolder look: eg. here I used no. 115 from Ralo Cosmetics for the black & Zoya professional lacquer – Diana for the red tip.


3. Or you can keep it closer to the original Fench Mani, by using a shimmery colour on your full nail, with a traditional white tip: eg. here I used Nail Junkie 096 by SinfulColors Professional for the shimmery Turquoise and SensatioNail™ Invincible Gel Polish French Manicure Tips by nailene®


How to:

Step 1. Always start off with your favourite clear base coat, to make your mani last longer, and to protect your nails from staining.

Step 2. Paint all of your nails with your 1st colour from base to tip, and leave to dry completely.

Step 3. Use your French Tip Guides or some scotch tape as a guide to neatly paint your tips with your second colour, and leave to dry completely.

Step 4 . Finish off your mani with your favourite clear top coat, to make it last longer and to add some shine

Helpful tip: As soon as you start using more than one colour on your nail, you have to be very careful when applying your top coat. The last thing you want is for your beautiful design that you have just painfully created, to be smudged by you top coat brush strokes…

So for your Two-Tone mani for example, instead of painting in vertical strokes from the base of your nail to the tip, rather use horizontal strokes, from side to side, and therefore with the direction of the line between your 2 colours.

The Two-Tone mani is a very simple & easy way to start “adding” a bit of nail art to your everyday mani. And if you progress in these baby steps as we go through the most simple nail art techniques, to those that are more complicated over the next couple of months, we’ll have you doing your own nail art like a pro in no time! 😉

Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to pop in again next week!! Xx

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