The nail art technique that we are covering this week takes a little bit of practice, especially if you want your dots to be precise and neat. But, it is still super easy and simple to do.


There are several different dotting tools out there with different sized heads, but they are all pretty standard, so there is no need to overspend on them.
I bought mine at Dischem from the essence range.

Or you can also improvise with the “tools” that you have available to you around the house, like using the back of a bobby pin, or a ball head pin that you have safely pinned into an eraser, or the back of your pencil.


The rules for dotting is quite simple; pick two or more colours for your design, paint your nails with one of the colours, give it some time to dry, and then just dip your tool into the second colour and start dotting.

Here are a couple of dotting designs that I have played with, and I hope they inspire you to do your own bit of playing 😉

This was my very first dotting design, and I have really come a long way since… lol.


Try reversing your two colours on one finger as accent nail or “double dotting”, like I did on my ring finger above, using the base colour for smaller dots inside the original dots.

Here I painted only my tips and reversed the colours on my ring finger as accent nail:


Or here I started with a two-tone mani, and then dotted on a third colour on the ‘body’ of my nail:


And then I really liked this multi-coloured dots design – which I am yet to try:


Tip: getting the right amount of polish on your dotting tool can sometimes be tricky, so practice on a piece of paper a couple of times before taking it to your digits.

I hope this article has inspired all of you 🙂 Now go forth and be dotty 😉 Ha-Ha

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