A week or two back I did a live Facebook video reveal/unboxing of my Essence and Catrice Mystery Boxes (see below). And the purpose of that video – as well as this post – was just to share and make you aware of this fun little option from Takelot.com that one could buy either as a gift, or just to treat yourself 😉

The Basics

These mystery boxes are available on TAKEALOT.COM, and usually retails around just over a R100 (for the 5 item ones).  I paid about R110 for my essence one and around R120 for my Catrice one for example.

Both the Essence and Catrice boxes come in a 5-piece version, and then there is also an Essence 10-piece version.

As the name suggests, you will not know which specific products are in the box when you place your order, but they each contain a variety of Nails, Lip and Eye colour cosmetics.


The Look

The Essence & Catrice Mystery Box packaging are these cute colourful boxes. They also have some tissue paper on the inside wrapped around the products. And they could easily be wrapped as gift boxes.

Essence Catrice Mystery Boxes Revealed

Although I must admit that I would much rather buy this for myself than someone else… 😉

Firstly, because I am a MakeUp Addict!!

And secondly… because you don’t know what will actually be in these boxes, it may not be MakeUp items that the gift receiver will like or be able to use. And I am ALL about trying my best to give gifts that I know the person either wants, needs, or will definitely be able to use and love! xx


What I received in my Catrice Mystery Box:

Catrice Mystery Box

      • Limited Edition Lumination Luminizing Hightlighter in C01 – Luminous Light
      • Limited Edition Metal Eyelight Cream eyeshadow in C01 – Sun Kissed Miss
      • Lumination Lip Colour in C02 – Pink Mattrix
      • Limited Edition Lumination Nail Lacquer in C02 – Cosmic Pink
      • Limited Edition Lumination Pure Chrome Eye Shadow in C01 – Radiant Rose

What I received in my Essence Mystery Box:

Essence Mystery Box

      • Out of Space Stories Nail Polish in 02 – across the universe
      • Forbidden Volume Mascara – Rebel
      • matt matt matt lipstick in 07 – purple power
      • Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder lighter skin in 01 – sunshine
      • eye & face palette in 03 – be kissed by the moon

I will also be doing Product Reviews on all 10 these products over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out! (or subscribe in the sidebar to the right to make sure you don’t miss out).


Final Thoughts: I just love this little ‘surprise box’ of goodies!! And even if you only like some of the products that you receive, I think it is still a bargain at just over a R100 😉 Plus you could always gift the products that are ‘not your cup of tea’, to a friend or family member who would love that bright lipstick or nail polish xx

And then just one more thing to note: These boxes are put together and sent out in batches, so if you order 2 of the Essence boxes for example, expecting to get 10 different products…that is not what will happen. Both boxes will have exactly the same products. To get different products, you will have to wait a while inbetween orders (I can’t say exactly how long, but probably a couple months), as they would only start sending a new batch with different products ones all the boxes from the previous batch has gone out.


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