Last month at Beauty was all about Body Beauty, so I thought I’d give you guys some insight on a couple of my favourite Body Products, and a peek into what you would find in my bathroom cupboard at the moment…

Body wash: My all time favourite is the Coconut Bath & Shower Cream from The Body Shop

I am gaga about all things coconut, and this rich & creamy body wash contains organic virgin coconut oil which has a deliciously tropical coconut scent.

Body Shop Spa Fit Scrub Product ReviewBody Scrub: I am currently hooked on SPA FIT Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub, also from The Body Shop

The product’s apricot seed powder, orange peel powder and lemon peel powder gives a gentle yet thorough exfoliation and it has a fresh and zesty, yet sweet citrus scent, which lingers on your skin even after you have washed it off.

For everyday (normal) use: I layer my fragrance by using all the different products of the Oh So Heavenly ScentSations range (Exclusive to Clicks stores) with the Lily Lovely fragrance.

This includes the Body Lotion, Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on, Body Spritzer and Eau De Toilette

By layering like this, you will have the same lingering fragrance all day, without it being overpowering.



Bedtime moisturiser: Johnson’s body care Dreamy Skin body lotion & hand cream

I love applying these after my shower and before bedtime so I can bask in and fall asleep to its wonderful, calming, soothing, subtle flowery smell.  I also love the silky soft texture of the lotion. Not too heavy, but also not too watery, so that it leaves your skin velvety smooth after application and feeling beautifully revived in the morning when you wake up 🙂

Emergency miracle worker: ALL in ONE Aloe Derma Gel from Alcare Aloe

This is an Aloe gel which I highly recommend for its soothing and healing properties. I often use it to relieve and repair sunburns,other burns (from the stove & my GHD…), rashes, insect bites and whenever I have any sensitive or inflamed skin issue.

Self Tan: Delicious Self-Tanning Cream by Clarins
This remains the self tan product that has given me the best results so far. No streaking, the colour is very natural and it can be used on both your body & face (although I rarely use it on my face).

After Sun: Avon Sun Shimmering Tan Enhancer
This is a moisturising after sun that gives your skin a beautiful golden shimmery finish and helps to prolong your tan and – once again – it has the coconut fragrance that is my weakness.. lol


Hair removal product: I use my epilator for hair removal most of the time, but when I do on occasion follow an alternative route, I prefer the Veet 3 min Hair Removal Cream with Shea butter and Lily. Its gentle on dry/sensitive skin and works quickly & efficiently.


RCKSpecial Occasion Product: RCK from OFRA Cosmetics

This is an all-over luminous body lotion that will give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow that helps to hide imperfections such as pigmentation, veins, cellulite, stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles. I really goes on smoothly & evenly, dries super quick, and once its dry, it stays put and will not transfer onto your clothes. And unlike a self-tanner, you can have that beautiful sexy bronze glow for your special occasion, and then simply wash it off at the end of the day.

Comes in 3 shades Light/Medium/Tan 50ml

Frangrance: J’adore by Christian Dior
This always has & always will be my signature fragrance. I am just totally in love with it, and even at the steep price one has to pay for it, it is my one beauty indulgence that I just have to have!! Briefly described, it has a blend of floral orchids, violets, rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang with a hintt of fruityness of plum and blackberry musk. And the bottle is also just so beautiful, feminine & elegant.


I’ve done product reviews on a couple of these products, and I will be doing some more on the rest in the near future, so you will be able to go and reference them for some more in depth info 😉

I was in two minds on whether I should share this video here with you, because I hate the way I sound on camera… but I decided to be brave and do it anyway… lol

This is me talking about the pampering body routine that I follow once a month to treat myself:


Thanks for tuning in 😉  Visit me again on Thursday for my weekly Nail Art post!!


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