I can’t believe how fast this year flew by! We’re in the first week of December, and before we know it, the new year  will be upon us…

But I want to take one step back – to November – or as it has more recently been christened – MOvember.. When thousands of men all over the world let go and let GROW, to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

And while a well groomed mustache can be a sign of virility & manliness on a man (note I say can be.. 😉 ) – us ladies do not proudly sport any kind of facial hair.. And should any dare to show themselves on our faces, they are eradicated as quickly & quietly as possible… 😛

Which is why I decided to show my support for MOvember this year in a more flattering way, with some nail art mo’s on my fingertips:


And these were the 2 easy & simple steps I used to create these beauties:


Step 1 – Make 2 dots that slightly connect, in the middle (width-wise) of your nail, on the line where your nail’s free-edge starts


Step 2 – carefully use as thin, sharp pointed nail art brush to sweep on the ‘wings’ of the mustache from the inside (bottom edge where the 2 dots meet) outwards, up and around.

This look is so fun to play with! Keep to the traditional mustache shape – or go wild and sport a different mustache shape on each finger..

And remember to keep those creative juices flowing!!

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