After completing my Bio Sculpture Gel Training last month, and I couldn’t WAIT to try out my first Nail Art Creation using these products… So here it finally is:


I started off with the usual prep and base gel, and the did 2 layers of – 94 royal red – on all of my nails, with the exception of my index, where I only did a half my nail from a diagonal line downwards across the tip of my nails (also 2 layers):


I then did smaller polka dots on my index tip, and larger polka dots on my pinky, as well as dotted on little “mouse heads” on my ring finger using – 1 French White – And tried my first gel gradient effect with – 68 Rose – over the red on my middle finger & thumb:


Next, I started with the finer details, drawing a string bow on my index, more of a “bowtie” bow on my pinky, and the top of Minnie Mouse’s head and ears on my middle finger using – 2017 Liqourice – :


And then I added the last details, painting a polka dot bow on Minnie’s head again with no 1 & 94, and sealed it all off with my soft gel and top coat.


I am so happy with how it turned out!! So SO Cute!!! ha-ha Don’t you just love it?! 😉

And working with the Bio Sculpture Gel made my life so much easier, cause I didn’t have to wait hours for layers to dry inbetween.. just a quick 10 sec cure after each layer 😀

Hope you guys enjoy this post! See you again next week!! xx

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