A little while back I did a post on how to incorporate loose glitter, or glitter polish as a Nail Art Technique;


So I though it might be a good idea to do a follow up post on how to easy the removal of these stubborn little critters! 😉

If you have used them before, or tried them now, you would know that the normal “put polish remover on a cotton wool ball and wipe wipe wipe” method is not very effective in this instance… To a point where it might even damage your nail, if the frustration doesn’t kill you before that.. ha-ha

But you don’t have to use mountains of cotton wool and litres of polish remover to rub your fingers raw. Just follow these simple steps to make it so much easier on yourself!:

Step 1: Saturate a small piece of cotton wool (the size of your nail) with a nail polish remover that contains acetone. (Yes we all know acetone is not good for you or your nails – but so is too much alcohol, and too much sugar, and too much sun etc. 😉 so as long as its only once in a while, me thinks you’ll be ok :D)


Step 2: Place the soaked piece of cotton wool on your nail and wrap it completely in aluminum foil up to the 1st knuckle.


Step 3: Repeat the process on each of your fingers, until all five are securely wrapped up.


Step 4: Take a heating pad (the ones you heat in the Microwave to keep you warm, or a hot water bottle if you’re still old school) and place it over your nails, and cover with a towel or blanket.


Step 5: Let it sit for about 5-10 min, remove the foil, and then use another (larger) piece of cottonwool soaked in polish remover to remove the smaller piece on each nail in a downwards wiping motion, while removing the glitter polish together with it!

Step 6: Repeat steps one through five on the opposite hand.

Final Tip: Another option to ease the removal, is to use a peel-off base coat, when you plan to use loose glitter or glitter polish. Essence has a very affordable one in their range, and I have also seen many blogposts and YouTube videos on how to make your own using a “white glue or a glue that has a polyvinyl and water base. Please, please do not use super glue!

So I hope you guys find these tips useful!! 😉 I surely have, as I luuuuurve using my bling-bling!! 😉 See you guys again next week! xox

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