I like to send my potential brides a couple of guidelines that might help them to choose a makeup artist for their big day, or to help them if they are going to attempt doing their own makeup. So I thought it would be good to share it here with my readers as well 🙂

  • Do not go for a facial less than 2 weeks before your wedding day. A lot of facials promote detoxification of the skin, which may cause a breakout on your skin in the 2 weeks after. You also run the risk of having an allergic reaction. so rather go at least a month before the time, to allow your skin to heal, should you have an allergic reaction or possible breakout.

  • Visit your salon to tame unruly eyebrows approximately 2-3 days before your wedding day. You don’t want to go too long before your wedding, as these pesky little hairs tend to grow back quite quickly, but you also don’t want to go too close to the day, as skin irritation may also occur (esp. if you wax) in which case you will want some time allowed for your skin to heal/calm down.

  • Make sure that your makeup artist is using water-resistant makeup that will withstand tears and perspiration.
  • Neutral colours are the safest choice to make you seem a bride endowed with natural beauty.

  • Be sure to coordinate your overall look: All the colours should have either a warm or cool tone, while your hair , makeup, jewelry and gown should correspond to your carefully chosen theme.
  • Bridal makeup should include attention to all the minutest of details. Don’t overlook them if you want a perfectly finished look.

  • A foundation with a high pigment level is recommended for a flawless complexion.
  • Lighting also determines your makeup. For a well-lit area, use lighter colours, while deeper tones are good for darker areas. Florescent lighting will add a slight greenish tinge to everything, so then it is best to avoid green shades.

  • Remember – Less is more. Your makeup should be an enhancement of what you normally wear. That said – you should define your features stronger than what you usually do, so they show up in the photographs. But you should also feel comfortable in the makeup that you are wearing.
  • If you are feeling stressed or flushed, take a moment and run cold water over the inside of your wrists to instantly cool and calm you down. Have some Rescue Remedy close at hand as well.

  • Plan your wedding day well beforehand, so that you allow enough time for your hair and makeup, photos before you leave to the ceremony, as well as the actual traveling to the ceremony. When you start to run out of time, it will just cause unnecessary stress.

  • Think about who you want with you when you are having your makeup done on the day – a large audience will make you more nervous and distract you. Keep only one or two friends / family members close and ask the rest of your entourage to give you a little space.
  • Finally – If you start to feel teary, look upwards and take a couple of deep breaths… it really does help!

To see pictures of some of the brides that I have done MakeUp for, please visit my Weddings Page!

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