Firstly, I want to apologise for the lack of doing any posts last week…

We had our first (that I was a part of) International Salsa Festival in Cape Town South Africa this past weekend. And as I was also doing my first ever dance performance, the preparations in the week just before left absolutely not a moment to spare šŸ™‚

I did however get to do some nail art for the occasion (of course! ;P) which is what I am sharing with you guys today:


The song that we performed to, was called La Diabla, by Romeo Santos, so I thought that ‘Hellfire Flames’ would be appropriate šŸ˜‰

Because I needed this creation to be super resilient, and last through a loooot of dancing, I started by doing aĀ SensatioNailā„¢ Invincible Gel Polish mani with Scarlet Red.


I then used my essence dotting tool and a thin nail art brush to paint on the black “background” where the flames are “not” (if that makes sense…lol) usingĀ Tip TopĀ NailChic ā€“Ā Black Forest


And then I added some bling with Ralo Cosmetic glitter – Cherry and many many layers of clear top coat šŸ™‚


This gave a digits a hint of golden glimmer (which you unfortunately cannot see in these photos šŸ™ ), and made the flames come alive!!

I hope to also share the video of our performance here on my blog soon – eventhough it is not makeup, nails or beauty related – dancing is definitely my other BIG passion xx

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