This week I wanted to do another bright flowery design for Spring, so I created this gradient mani with greens for the fields and blue for the sky, and added some pretty flowers on top 😉


I started with my clear base coat, and then a coat of L.A. Girl color ADDICT nail colour – Urge as my base colour.


I then used a thin sponge, painted a line of each of my 3 colours below on a sheet of hard plastic, and then sponged it onto my nails to create the gradient effect:

Forest from Revlon Street Wear (very very old, but I just love this colour & can’t bring myself to throw it away..)

L.A. Girl color ADDICT nail colour – Urge

blue [Revolution Mirror Quick Dry – Bentley]


Next it was time to dot on my flower petals with essence nail art stampy polish – 001 stamp me! white, using my essence dotting tool.


And then I used some yellow ‘caviar’ balls for the inside of the flowers, and stuck them down with a polish called Bright Yellow from Top Shine.


Lastly, I added a little sun in the blue sky, on my index, middle and ring fingers, by sticking on a yellow nail art gemstone 🙂


And then 2 coats of clear top coat to protect all the gems and to add some shine.

I know I always say this, but I really LUUUURRVED this mani! It was just so pretty to look at!! 😀

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