So my inspiration (and materials…) for my Easter Nail Art this year came from my Easter Egg Nail Art last year 😉


Note the little easter eggs that I’m holding above… well… I after devouring all of them last year 😉 I kept a couple of the foil wrappings, and decided to make to make my own nail foil wraps with them for my Easter Nail Art creation this year!


I started with a peel-off base coat on my nails, to ease removal later… And then chose a different colour of foil for each of my nails.


I then carefully cut out a piece of foil that would fit each nail as far as possible, and stuck them on my nail with my quick dry top coat (underneath the foil).


I also finished my nails off with a coat of the quick dry top coat over each foil, capping the tips of my nails, to ensure that the foils wont start lifting at the tips.

So yes, I admit that this was way less work or involved way less creativity than my creation last year, but having nails that look like foil covered chocolate eggs are kinda awesome! ha-ha-ha-ha!!

Have a blessed Easter Weekend everyone! And see you all again next week 😉

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