My time in the shower at the end of the day, is a time that I truly look forward to. When I can just relax and let the hot water wash away all the stress of the day.

Which is why I always choose my body washes to have soothing, luxurious, and downright just yummy fragrances – to help create my little oases of me-time in the shower.

The warm Vanilla fragrance of the Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash most definitely falls within this category!


I love how they say that it “creates a gentle cloud of creamy lather”, as this is exactly the words I was looking for to describe it 😀

Putting the heavenly scent aside for a moment, and getting down to the science behind product 😉 It is filled with skin loving ingredients such as Shea Butter and NutriumMoisture™ – that will cleanse your skin, and leave you feeling restored and nourished.

Dove explains that this most effective natural nourishment NutriumMoisture™ is a breakthrough formulation that ensures their products (like this body wash) have the highest level of natural moisturisers, to give skin the essential nourishment it needs.

I found the consistency of the body wash to be super creamy! And yet not of the oily kind, more like a gel or silicone texture.. It almost felt like I was washing myself with a body lotion.  And afterwards my skin felt healthy, clean and happy!


The Dove Purely Pampering Shea butter range can be found at department stores and pharmacies like Clicks or Dischem and the 250ml Body Wash retails for around R29-99.

Final Thoughts: After using this body wash, my skin actually felt moisturised & balanced, even before I applied the body lotion. The warm Vanilla fragrance still lingered on my skin from the body wash, and the layered fragrance from when I then added the lotion, stayed with me until the next morning!

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