Wow, Its been aaaaaaaaages since I shared one of my Salsa MakeUp Adventures with you…
Since we moved to the new dance studio at Artscape, we have not been having the weekly themed parties that spurred these Makeup Adventures in the first place…

But we DID perform in the Annual Cape Town Salsa Festival at the end of last year (2014), for which I got to play around with costume design and our MakeUp for the performance 😉

So our outfits started off as plain bodysuits, bought at a local store.. (pls excuse the quality of the fitting room selfie… lol)


To which I then added 3 diagonal layers of “frills” , to create the illusion of a dress, and to add some movement (a MUST in my book for a dancing outfit).

And my fellow female dancer in the group did her bit by adding some bling with some beautiful Swarofski crystals 😀

And this was the end result:


So lets get to the MakeUp!!!

I actually used Fabric Paint to do the V-shaped red pattern across our eyes…
I know this is maybe unconvensional.. but when this paint dries, it is totally sweat proof (unless you go and rub at it..) and at the same time easy to remove at the end of the night, without causing any irritation to the skin.

The end result colour is also super bright, which is sometimes hard to achieve with conventional MakeUp.

Together with the red V-shape and the dots along the borders of this shape, I also added some of the Swarofsky crystals to the inside and outside corners of our eyes with eyelash glue, and rounded the look off with some fake lashes & red lips.


It really made my colleague’s blue eyes POP, and it made my brown eyes seem super black… lol

Here are some more pics taken during the performance:





And then I am also very proud to present.. the video of our performance!!! 😀

This festival will again be taking place at the end of the year, so if any of you out there are salsero’s or salsera’s and have never been to South Africa, this is the PERFECT opportunity to come visit our beautiful country!!!

Details for the festival can be found on the site :

Hope you enjoyed my post, and the performance! And see you guys again soooooooon!! xox

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