I saw this design quite a long time ago, posted on one of the many Nail Art Facebook Pages that I follow, and archived it as an idea that I definitely wanted to try, but pretty much forgot all about it.

So while deciding on what look to do this week, I felt that I wanted to do something bright, and immediately leaned towards this ‘Neon Pink’. But had no idea what I would do with it.. Until I rediscovered this idea in my archives!! ;D


In my opinion, the effect is very ‘comic book’, and so it was named… 😉

PS. The kitty above is my wrist rest when working with my computer mouse.. cuteness right?!

So I started off this look with my clear base coat, and then 2 coats of Lollylicious by Topshine.


I struggled to capture the true colour on my photos 🙁 Were going into winter now here in SA, so my natural light   which I prefer to use when taking photos, has decreased dramatically.. And the flash of my camera just wreaks havoc with bright colours 🙁

As step 2, I used my Ralo Cosmeticsno 54 (black) to paint a border all the way around each nail.


And then I added the ‘2D light reflection effect’ with Rimmel London – Lycra Nail Tip Whitener.


The final step was to seal the look with 2 coats of Yardley GEL LAC Overcoat as my top coat.

And I love the end result! Super bright and cheery, with a good helping of fun added! 😉

Join me again next week for another fun Nail Art adventure!

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