Ok, so here is the skinny on the nails that I gave you a sneak peak to on Tuesday in my Blue Jeans Salsa Party Makeup post..


I started by painting a (roughly) hour glass figure on each nail using Ultimate Nail Lacquer – 450 Sand Francisco by Catrice cosmetics, and leaving the tip of my nail bare.


I then proceed to do the outline of the bodies, the bellybutton & the bottom curve of the boobies with a combination of essence nail art freestyle & tip painter – 12 metallic champagne as well as 11 grape-metallic rocks!


The next step was to ‘slip on some jeans’, so I painted my tips with 915 George Blueney by Catrice Cosmetics.


Then the delicate work began, freehand painting the details on the Jeans like the pockets & stitching, using a combination of essence nail art freestyle & tip painter – 11 grape-metallic as well as Rimmel London Lycra Nail Tip Whitener.


These are also the experimental nails that I mentioned a while back. I knew that they would either work, or look really really bad… But I think they turned out OK after all? The body proportions are a little out, and the freehand painting could have been a little neater, but all in all they don’t look too bad 😉

Let me know what you think by liking and/or leaving your comments!

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