Mhuahahahaha (evil laugh)

OR is that only what we want you to believe… so that you don’t all come over to the ‘dark side’ where all the REAL fun is to be had… 😉

I am a brunette in my 30’s and I am not shy to say that I have never ever been tempted to try out being a blond. Not even highlights. I love my dark hair!!

I sometimes play with different shades of ‘dark’ 😉 Venturing over to an auburn with a tinge of red in the sunlight of summer, something darker with just a hint of plum in the winter months. But overall, I’ve always been and always will be a dark chocolate girl 😀

And this suits my personality perfectly!!

Being a brunette makes me feel like it adds that little bit of mystery… like: “what could be brewing in that mind under that brilliant mane of chocolate”.. ha-ha-ha

Another plus about being a brunette is that its so much easier to “take 5” from being the centre of attention. I can easily slip into the understated ‘girl next door’ persona during the day, when I just want to have a ‘me’ day, and then slide into a sexy little outfit and wow the salsa dancefloor with the shiny locks of my mysterious mane in the evening.

It also lends itself to ‘playing’ a lot more with different shades of brunette. As I mentioned earlier, either towards the warmer red side, or towards the cooler plum side. Which, again, is a much needed quality, as I am a person who loves to play around with different, styles –  in everything that I do, or wear, or how I style my hair, or how I do my make-up, etc… So I totally love the diversity of being a brunette!!!

Darker hair colours also tend to have way more shine than lighter ones… To quote a fellow blogger of mine : “The sun drinks up our dark strands like water and projects a glimmer off each piece that’s hard to match.”

Another one of my big passions in life is to DANCE!! And for the last couple of years I’ve been living this passion through my Salsa & Bachata dancing! I’m even in our dance school’s performance group. And another feature that my dark hair provides, is that it adds a little Latina Flavour, even though I am actually a very Afrikaans South African, with no Latina blood at all.. Ha-ha-ha

Now for those of you who still believe that Blonds have all the fun… Here are a couple of pics of me as a Proud Brunette, having more fun than most of the blonds that I know 😉

Click Here

PS. This blog post about my “Hair Colour Personality” was inspired by Madison Reed.

Madison Reed is a salon hair color and hair care range that you can use at home – and that is better for you – free of gluten and harsh chemicals like ammonia, resorcinol, added paraben and PPD. Their long-lasting formulas are packed with rich nutrients like keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract for stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

Go check out their services and hair dye products online.

And while everything I shared here about myself is true, I have no animosity towards blonds or redheads or any other hair colours 😉

But I also don’t believe in stereotypes or stereotyping, like “blonds have all the fun”… ha-ha-ha.  Besides, I definitely think that I break that mold 😀

What do you guys think?!

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