I just Looove my Stilettos! And I know very few ladies who don’t feel the same 😉

So in the spirit of the ‘Shades of Gray’ Theme that beautybulletin.com had last month, I whipped up a Black Studded Stiletto Nail Art for them, and now you ladies can also try it out at home:

Main Image

Step 1 – File your nails into the almond shape, as described in my previous article on nail shapes and apply your favourite clear base coat polish.


Step 2 – Use a Matte black nail polish (I used no. 115 from Ralo Cosmetics) and do two full coats on all your nails. Always remember that 2 thinner coats will dry quicker than one thick coat, so as they say, less is more 😉 And allow some drying time between each coat. Eg. I usually start with my right hand, then my right, then I do both feet, so by the time I get back to my right hand, its ready for the second coat.


Step 3 – Use a normal glossy black polish (I used no. 54 from Ralo Cosmetics) and paint a ‘french tip’, but in a V-shape, along the edges of your V-shaped tips. Allow to dry, and then use a clear top coat on that same V-shape for some extra gloss.


Step 4 – I wanted to use actual nail gems for this part, but I couldn’t find any silver studs that were small enough, so I used a silver nail polish (760 Rock the Metal – Rimmel London 60 seconds) to dot on faux silver studs along the glossy V-shape ‘french tip’ with a very thin nail art brush from essence.


And voila! There you have it! Sexy black studded stiletto nails to go with those Gray/silver heels and that little black number

This was my first matte polish that I’ve bought and used, and I quite enjoyed combining the matte and glossy polishes – giving the look some ‘texture’. Cant wait to play around with some more matte/glossy combinations!!

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