This week we’ll be taking a look at Avons Colour Attract Magnetic Nail Polishes.


This was the first ever Magnetic Polishes that I used, and it actually took a little practice to get the most out of this magical invention… 😉

If you paint your layer too thin, the polish dries before the magnet can get to work.. And if you paint it too thick, its a bit of a goey mess, and the magnet also doesn’t want to work that well… lol

But this was all due to my inexperience with magnetic polishes, not the Avon Colour Attract 😉

I found that this polish has a decent amount of magnetic particles, which is essential for the patterns to form. And it also gives a beautiful shimmer effect if you decide to apply the polish just like normal polish, without using the magnet.

They also have several different magnets available, so that you can play with different patterns while using your Colour Attract Nail Polish:


The number of colours in this range is decently large, and includes really beautiful colours!

I have done swatches for you of the 6 colours that I currently have:

Magnetic Metal: – This is a great Dark Grey/Silver colour


Spellbound Green: – This is a fantastic Metallic “Faded” Green colour


Lavender Lure: This is a lovely Light Lavender colour


Rose Flash: This is a beautiful “Burnt Orange” colour


Fuchsia Force: This is a fabulous Fuchsia colour (one of my favourites!)


Blue Attraction: This is a bright Metallic Blue (and definitely another one of my favourites!)


Another thing that I absolutely love about the colours are the clever names!! As you’ll see above, the are all cleverly Metal of Magnetic related!

I found that the polishes dry really quickly, which is great! And as I mentioned previously, they also look really pretty as normal polishes (not using the magnet with them), for example – here I used  Magnetic Metal:


The only negative, that I found with this polish is that some of the colours are a bit sheer.. and because of the magnetic effect, you can’t exactly build it with a second coat ;P

So one has to be very careful and precise to paint your layer thick enough to not be sheer, but at the same time not have it too thick – so the magnetic effect does not want to work..

But despite this, I really love these polishes, and wear them quite often when I don’t have time for doing a more intricate Nail Art Design 😉

I also incorporate them into my Nail Art designs, like this Mo-Vember design below:


The Avon Colour Attract Magnetic Nail Polish range is available from any Avon Representative nationwide.

Which Magnetic Nail Polishes have you guys tried out and are your favourites? Let me know in your comments below! 😉

See you lovelies again next week!!

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