The gals with curly hair, want straight hair, and the ones with straight hair want curls..

Personally I lie somewhere in-between, with neither curls nor straight hair, just this kind of impossible “wave” and of course I would kill to rather have just one or the other 😉

So when, during my last trip to the salon, my hair stylist told me about this new treatment they are doing, I was all ears.

It is called A Brazilian Keratin Reconstruction and the product range used in this procedure is called Brasil Cacau by Cadiveu which contains combines keratin, cocoa and panthenol.

This treatment smooths the hair and leaves it looking radiantly shiny, smooth, soft and healthy for up to 16 weeks. The treatment seals in the cuticle which cuts drying time down to 1/3 of the usual time. i.e . Hair that used to take 30 minutes to blow-dry, now takes 10 minutes. This treatment also gives you the option of air drying your hair to look smooth and beautiful.

What makes this treatment different from other straitening treatments, are the instant results:

  • No need to wait 72 hours.
  • The minute you leave the salon, you can wash your hair, wear a pony tail, use clips and pins and it will be straight, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMELY radiant!

So after careful consideration, I decided to use what was left of my Christmas bonus to spoil myself with this treatment.

I arrived at the salon really excited at 2pm that Friday afternoon, and not even the stylist warning about the really strong smell of the products could dampen my spirits!

They started by washing my hair with the Anti Residue Shampoo. With a ph 9 (alkaline) this opens the hair shaft to ensure the Brazil Keratin Reconstruction ph 2.8 (acidic) will be effective.

A hair dryer was used to dry my hair about 80%, then the Keratin Reconstruction was applied, and by then I was starting to realise what they were talking about when thy warned me about the smell..

The product has a very strong, eye tearing and yet sweet smell. We literally had to open up all the Salon’s windows. And believe me, on a scorching Jan day in Wellington, that is not something one does in an otherwise air-conditioned room, unless it is absolutely necessary! 😉

My hair was then fully dried and then the BIG job of using the thermal keratin iron to activate the key ingredients and infuse them into the cuticle, little section by little section, started.

I had both Stylists working on me at the same time, at times, but they also took turns to go get some ‘fresh air’.

After all the hair is ironed, the remaining product must be washed off. This is quite a ‘sad’ affair, to be wetting the hair after about an hour was just spent to carefully iron your hair. Extremely strange feeling!

Finally, the Deep Conditioning Mask, with its ph 4.5, is applied to equilibriate the hair’s ph values.

The last step was to finger dry my hair with a hairdryer (no combs or brushes)

And so, after about 2 and a half hours, my hair was transformed into a straight, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMELY shiny mane.

I HAVE to say that I am over the moon with the results. My hair really seems to be in a better condition (soft, smooth and very shiny). And best of all, I used to spend an hour washing and drying my hair and then another hour and a half with my GHD, taming my unrulies.. Now it takes me 45min to wash and finger dry my hair (no brushes even involved) to get the same result!! BLISS!!!

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