So today’s nail art technique can be quite versatile – either as a nail art creation on is own, or as a “base” for a more intricate design – and again with endless colour combination options.

Gradient Mani’s (or also known as Ombre Mani’s) are basically done with 3 or more colours that are blended into each other on your nail.

Now as the name suggest, it was originally done with different shades of the same colour, to create the gradient effect. But it has since been evolved by the bold & fearless so that you can basically use any 3 colours in your combination 😉

This was the first gradient mani that I ever did, so it’s not as neat as it could be.. but still pretty 😀


1. Start with your clear base coat and then one coat of the lightest colour that you are going to be using in your combination, eg.


2. Paint a generous amount of your 3 colours onto your sponge, overlapping the edges, and then sponge it onto your nail using very slight vertical wiggling movements to make sure that the edges of the 3 colours is well blended on your nail (here I used a foundation sponge which I cut a little smaller).


I have found that you have to repeat this step a couple of times to ensure that you get the right amount of polish on your nails, because a lot of it is sucked into the sponge and then doesn’t all transfer onto your nail.

Also try to re-sponge before the polish on your nails/sponge get too tacky, otherwise you’ll end up taking more off with your sponge than you are putting on… lol

3. Wait for it all to dry 100% before carefully applying your clear top coat, for a softer effect (and for the obvious benefits of adding shine and your mani lasting longer)

OR leave the out the top coat for a more textured effect.

4. Another method is to also apply the 3 colours directly on your nail (over the base colour) and then sponging on some more of the same 3 colours on top of that as in step no 2.

There isn’t really a right or wrong, basically try both methods and see which one works better for you!

Here is another example where I used 3 colours that aren’t quite shades of the same colour, but from the same ‘colour family’ as a “sunset” gradient 😉


And here I created a “field & blue sky” using the gradient technique, as a base:


For this ‘Field of Spring Flowers‘ design that I did:


Again – so many options to play with en too little tiiiime!!! ha-ha

Try doing your gradient horisontally on each nail, or in multicolours as a rainbow going across all of your nails.

Or add some bling by using 3 glitter polishes.

The possibilities are really endless!! So go out and be creative my lovelies xox

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